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Fiver and Upwork are two great marketplaces for freelancers. In Bangladesh fiver and Upwork are the top 2 marketplaces.

But Fiver is easier than Upwork. We are not saying anything surely that Fiver is better or Upwork is better. we have just compared two sites based on our experience or perspective.

The difference between Fiverr and Upwork

Fiverr is better suited for small, one-time projects. Upwork is better for larger projects. Fiver has an easy interface to set up and handle it. Upwork has a much more complex interface than Fiver. Upwork has more security measures and payment options for larger projects. On Fiver job postings by freelancers but on Upwork jobs posted by clients. Fiverr services start at $5, but that doesn’t mean the work done on Fiver is bad quality. In Fiverr is way easier to find a job than Upwork. It means Upwork is more professional than Fiverr. But both Upwork and Fiverr are free for workers. Fiverr is typically cheaper than Upwork.

How does Fiverr work

Fiverr's advantage

Fiverr is a freelance platform that works a bit differently than Upwork. Namely, Fiverr gives freelancers more control than hiring managers. In Fiver, it is easy to contract freelancers. In Fiver, freelancers have more control over their profiles. They set up their profile, services, and rates. In Fiver, freelancers are encouraged to complete orders in a timely and organized manner if they want to maintain a successful profile.

  • Fiver is quicker

  • It is easier to see freelancers’ profiles and differentiate freelancers by level.

Fiverr's disadvantage

  • Fiver work is not specialized or high quality as upwork.

  • Fiver is used for short-time work.

  • Fiver deducts 20% commission on each payment.

How does Upwork work

Upwork is more professional than Fiver. The service is larger, the jobs are substantial, and the freelancers are typically more qualified. In Upwork, clients posted their work. It looks like a job market. Here freelancers also give interviews with some big companies for remote jobs. Upwork is the best option for doing a remote job permanently.

Upwork's advantage

  • Freelancers can apply for jobs that they are interested

  • Freelancers can check reviews of their clients to see how earlier freelancers rate their experience to work with their clients. It helps them to understand the client's work ethic.

Upwork's disadvantage

  • Upwork has the right to ban the account

  • multiple freelancers apply for one job post, that’s why established freelancers have more chances to get the work or job.

Both Upwork and Fiver are two of the largest online platforms to find work. But the main part is that what you want. Both platforms have their own aura. For work basis some people think a fiver is easy to handle some people think Upwork is easy to find a job. We are not talking as any partial viewer. Both sites have a great impact on the job market. Both of them are great freelancing platforms and earning money.

Upwork Vs Fiverr

Upwork and Fiver are two most impactful marketplaces for freelancers.

Nasir Uddin

10/13/20232 min read