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You have a talent for what you do. But that doesn’t mean you have to be great at all the other aspects of business too – like rebranding or strategy or digital marketing. If you need a little support to move forward in those areas, let’s see how my skills and experience can add value to your brand.

Want support from a business consultant?

Small retail businesses don’t always like to bring in the big guns. And that’s fine by me, I prefer a more nimble, more personal approach anyway. If you need help but aren’t entirely sure what kind or where to start, I’ll start with a completely blank page. I’ll look at the present, the future, your ideal customer expectations, and the competitive landscape. Armed with those insights we can begin to build a strategy and create a competitive advantage.

What kinds of consulting services do you need?

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Planning


  • Branding your business properly

  • If a website is not working, you need an opinion before launching it.

  • You need a marketing plan to properly execute your business.

What are you need?