Welcome to mynasir.com

Who am I?

Hi, nice to meet you – I'm Nasir help small retail businesses grow their audience and brand recognition through social media.

Be Positive , Keep motivated

I'm a self-employed person. I am always trying to learn something new. I always enjoy the learning process. I believe in productivity. My experiences working as a Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Marketer, Business Development Manager, and others have shown me that there are always better ways of achieving things and that I thrive under pressure.

What I believe in

O1. Commitment

Without fully committing to anything, you're not going to achieve top results.

O2. Focus

In today's attention economy, focusing on one thing at a time is a skill.

O3. Quality

If you're not going to deliver to the best of your ability, then you're just wasting everyone's time.

O4. Customer friendly product rate

It's really important to give any services at affordable price its the key of growing your business.

Want To Work With Me?

Got a partnership idea, or a project you need any help with?