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white concrete building during daytime
white concrete building during daytime

The tendency or habit to set very high standards for ourselves and others is called perfectionism. For example, if we say, John and James are brothers, live with their parents and both have their bedroom. John doesn’t bother too much about his bedroom, he cleans once a week and organizes his stuff spending an hour.

At the same house, James is very organized, he cleans his room and makes everything tidy every day by spending half an hour.

In this scenario, James has a perfectionism tendency or perfectionism habit.

Now, how we know that almost everyone has a perfectionism tendency or habit.

According to Elizabeth Scott, PhD an author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on stress management, positive psychology, relationships, and emotional well-being, there are about 10 signs of a perfectionist.

Now we can talk about 10 signs of perfectionism

  • “Almost perfect" is seen as a failure.

  • Someone with a perfectionist personality is more critical of themselves and others than a high achiever.

  • Fear of failure.

  • Fear pushed them to harder work than desire.

  • Unrealistic goal setting.

  • Focus only on results and then the situation.

  • Feeling depressed even after success.

  • Trapped in procrastination.

  • Acting defensive instead of discussion.

Low self-esteem or low confidence

Now the question is why people need to be perfectionists. What is the reason behind this?

So, there is some reason here it is ----

Fear of Judgement: Most people generally have the fear of being judged by other people. As a result, they want to be a perfectionist in their own work.

High expectations: In our society, there are some myths that, our parents have high expectations from their child. And it's not always going to be the same as they thought. Therefore, we all want to fulfill our expectations and try to be perfectionists.

Mental health issue: Having mental health issues associated with perfectionism is one of the main reasons. For example, Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Low self-esteem: Poor self-esteem is an important reason to be perfect.

Self achievements: The need to do something by myself and achieve goals, this kind of mindset affects the personality.

Feelings of inadequacy: "Want More" is a perfect synonym for perfectionism. We are not always happy with what we have. We need more, more & more. And these things lead us to be a perfectionist.

Stressful work conditions: The pressure of doing your professional and personal work perfectly affects your personality.

Social media: Nowadays, we spend so much time on our social media sites and try to show our perfect life to others. It gives us stress to set the example of perfectionism.

Based on physiologist research and opinion

  1. Perfectionism is the most common obstruction of productivity.

  2. Most of the time perfectionists judge and compare with others. But it’s getting worse when this leads to frustration, harmful actions or feelings, lack of confidence, and depression.

  3. Perfectionism contributes to stress, and anxiety which leads to low self-confidence, health problems, sleeplessness, etc.

    There are some exceptions for perfectionism where sensitivity is too high like medical advice, care, and treatment. Aviation safety, any kind of research, and health issues.


How you overcome the mindset to be always be "PERFECT"

Understand the outside world
Comparing both positive and negative sites
Self reflection
Self realisation
Developing the thought
Challenge negative thoughts
Focus on present work
Less interact with social media
Take judgement for improvment

Perfect, perfection and perfectionism.

Perfect, perfection and perfectionism, more or less we are all familiar all this words and we love to do perfect things. From personal to business or work, everywhere we want to do everything perfectly, most of the time and most of the people. Today we will talk about perfectionism, whether we have a perfectionism tendency or habit, why we want to be perfect, whether perfectionism is good or bad, and why perfectionism is good or bad.

Mr. Nasir Uddin

6/24/20242 min read