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In the recent era, AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) is one of the most trending technologies in the world. AI is a technology that allows a computer program to learn, reason, and act on its own.

It helps us to do multitasking. AI helps us in many ways like reducing error, Easily handling data, Faster decision making, improving workflows, etc.

It's true that AI offers several advantages but it still has a disadvantage.

Here are some disadvantages of AI

Reduce productivity

  • Make people machine-dependency

  • Depending on AI for simple tasks, it affect humans in their day-to-day life which create a negative impact of our life.

  • Humans tend to get addicted to these inventions which can cause a problem to future generations.

For example, nowadays as we can see people are more dependent on their daily life activities like car driving. Now there are some companies that are building up autonomous vehicles that are controlled by machines. That used to make people lazy and not execute manually.

Expensive to implement

  • AI can replace repetitive tasks and other work with robots This is the reason human interface is becoming less, which is beneficial for the organization but it affects to employment.

  • Additional cost to training a team for implementing and maintaining AI systems expensive.

For example, Because of the demand for AI, the equipment for setting up these is more expensive. The consultant of AI or any companies that work on AI solutions charges approximately between $50,000 to 200,000. Charge can be different as per people's choice of services they want.


  • Initial set-up for AI requires a high investment

  • Conventional jobs will likely be completely replaced by AI, organizations are looking to replace the minimum-qualified AI robots that can do similar work with more efficiency .

AI replaces the people. Like, people need time to do multitasking or do their work perfectly. But the revolution of AI is time time-saving feature for multitasking within a minute. That is why more people lose their jobs. All are becoming dependent on AI.

Lack of creativity

  • Since Ai systems make predictions based on set of algorithm , these can be lack creativity.

  • AI systems improve over time from inputs and experience, they can not think outside of the box

For example, If we need to do assignments or research for any thesis we just write down the topics in AI software and it gives us 100 ideas about it within a very short time. so, now people are not wasting their time thinking or researching. AI gives all kinds of designs also.

Privacy concern

  • AI technology can process and analyze vast amounts of personal data which can raise privacy concern.

It is a big risk for us that AI gives the answers from all over analysis it can be done. I also analyze the personal data. If you write something in AI software it can give you every possible answer that it has.

Security risk

  • AI system systems can be vulnerable to attacks and hacking, potentially leading to malicious use of cyberattacs.

Furthermore, AI can assist hackers in effectively exploring and exploiting vulnerabilities in a data network or computer system. AI-powered devices, such as biometric systems, can endanger our sensitive and confidential data. Hackers are discovering increasingly more methods for stealing sensitive data, and AI technology can make it even easier for them to breach your security.

Environmental impact

  • Training large AI models requires substantial computing resources, contributing to energy consumption and carbon emissions, which can have environmental consequences.

Artificial intelligence has massive potential advantages. The key for humans will ensure the “rise of the robots” doesn’t get out of hand. Some people also say that Artificial intelligence can destroy human civilization if it goes into the wrong hands. But still, none of the AI applications made at that scale can destroy or enslave humanity.

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Disadvantage of AI

Ai helps us in many ways like reducing error, Easily handling data, Faster decision making, Improving workflows, and involving medical applications and treatment. Although AI offers several advantages, it still has a disadvantages

Nasir Uddin

10/3/20233 min read